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From: Ryan Phillips,
6-Figure UK Business Coach.
RE: How to become a marketing Goliath
and wave goodbye to brutal drop off rates today.

Dear Friend,

You’re about to see the future of video.

Heard that before, right? Yeah, guilty. We’ve all heard that before, but our videos STILL suffer from brutal drop-off rates and less engagement than a divorce lawyer’s picnic.

But this isn’t just another fad. This is a technique just now being picked up by multi- billion dollar companies… only they don’t call it a technique.
They call it a revolution.

Maybelline are using it, and it's increased their click-through-to- purchase rate by 1400%.

Gaiam.tv are using it, and they’ve seen a 100% increase in subscription revenue in a single month.

Martini are using it, and now more than 90% of people who watch their video stay watching it all the way to the end.

It’s Called “Dynamic Behavioral Response Marketing”
… And It’s Something You Do Every Day

Like all the best innovations, this isn’t something new. In fact, it’s just a fancy name for something you do all the time.

But it’s something that people like Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern and Ryan Deiss have turned into an art form.

It’s as simple as this: having a conversation.

Think about it: who would you rather talk to? Someone who listened to what you had to say, or someone who just droned on and on?

And when these Marketing Goliaths are doing a webinar or selling from stage, you think they’re just talking blindly into the microphone? Not a chance!

They’re interacting with their audience. Asking them questions. Changing what they talk about based on their responses.

This is why their webinars and presentations sell so well. The audience feels involved. That’s the kind of connection no fancy copywriter could ever get you.

And if you’d asked me how to use it in video four months ago, I would have told you it was impossible.

But That Was Before I Stumbled Across This Million Dollar Marketing Lesson, Hidden In The Most Boring Place Known To Man…

This is me.

I’m Ryan Phillips, and I’ve been studying video marketing for years. I’ve sold thousands of copies of my video products in the past (and if you’re one of the buyers, thank you! You rock!)

But even I’d suffered from falling engagement figures. Video used to be a great way to make sales, but these days even getting someone to watch more than a couple of minutes was a struggle.

And I wasn’t the only one.

Vindico reports 80% of people don’t even make it halfway through a video ad

Which is not surprising when you consider that we upload 300 hours of video to the Internet every minute.

We’re expected to spend $13 BILLION on video marketing by 2018.

If you’re going to get attention, you’ve got to be on the cutting edge.

One of the things I study is what the big companies are doing with their video marketing. What do you do when you’ve got a multimillion dollar budget to throw around?

That’s How I Ended Up Watching A Recruitment Video For A ‘Boring’ Accountancy Firm…
And What I Discovered Floored Me

At twenty seconds in, the video stopped, and I was asked a question.

I clicked one of the responses at random, and the video cut to a new segment related to what I’d just clicked on.

Then it did it again, and again. More questions, hotspots and animations.

When I reached the end, I went to push the replay button…

And then it hit me.

I don’t want to work for an accountancy firm. Just looking at numbers makes my head spin.

But I had been so involved, I’d watched the whole video from beginning to end… and I was about to do it again.

At that point I could think only one thing:

Just Imagine What You Could Do With Technology   Like This!

Imagine running a weight-loss campaign where your video actually asked your prospect whether they were male or female and gave them meaningful content based on their exact needs...

Imagine having a sales video where your viewers TELL you their objections, and let you deliver a perfectly targeted pitch they can’t resist…

Imagine having your viewers hooked all the way to the end, because you’re delivering deeply engaging content at every turn…

This isn’t video marketing. This is

This is your viewer self-selecting personalized content and staying engaged right to the very end!

Of Course, There Had To Be A Catch…
And It Was A Big One

The company who created that accountant’s video charge multiple thousands of dollars a time. !!!!!

Frankly? That’s a bargain. But it’s still out of reach of most people. It was out of reach of me.

But I got lucky. This is Chris:

I’ve known Chris for years. When I went into marketing, he went into computer science. He’s spent years honing his craft as one of the UK’s top young coders.

And thanks to Chris, was born.

Sure, there were other solutions out there. But most of them limited you to asking simple questions, and segmenting that way, and that was it. They stopped there. They didn’t even let you track how your different segments performed.

That wasn’t good enough.

To keep people exploring and interacting with your video you need to create multiple layers of opportunity for deeper engagement... if it worked for an accountancy firm it can work for ANYTHING, right?

Well now, no matter what you’re selling… for the first time ever, you can make it personal…

The future of video arrived—and it’s interactive…

Welcome To Interactr
The Future Of Video

Interactr’s unique technology lets you enhance customer interaction, increase revenues, and build a solid, scalable, reliable video marketing business… while waving goodbye to video drop off for good.

PlusFOR 7 DAYS ONLY we’re giving you lifetime access to the TruTrackr advanced tracking suite.

  • Rip up the video marketing rule book: you’ve got a BRAND NEW solution to the big problem most video marketers will NEVER fix
  • Create the most engaging videos ever: by having a CONVERSATION with your viewer, you can keep them hooked from the first second to the last
  • Deliver perfectly targeted sales pitches: by getting your viewer to give you information and tailoring the pitch they get, you’ll be guaranteed to address all their concerns
  • Massively increase your conversions: perfecting targeting and engagement leads to huge increases in sales – without any need for a scammy ‘hard sell’
  • Track your customers with pinpoint accuracy: Interactr is the ONLY software that lets you see how every individual segment of your video is performing

There’s more…

Watch The Future Of Video Future
Proof Your Business…

On Not Only 1 But 3 Different Levels

Level 1 - Standard
Segment Your Audience With Questions.
“Multiple Marketing Messages In One Tidy Package”

Interactr makes segmenting with questions an art form. Take creative control. Create beautiful, natural segments and watch your audience interaction explode!

  • Bring segments to life and drive massive interaction
  • Ask questions, personalize content, and talk directly to your audience
  • Use simple segments to instantly double your reach
  • Maximize every advertising dollar you spend

Level 2 - Advanced
Go Beyond Questions With Interaction Layers
“Our World Leading, Built In, Video Layering System”

Interactr’s layering system is so new your competitors videos will look like they’ve been recorded for VHS!

Segmenting with questions is good, great even… but you can do so much more when you’ve got the INTERACTIVE POWER of hotspots, menus, transitions, timings, animations… and a truck load more to play with!

  • Use layers in powerful combinations (or as unique standalone CTAs) to keep your audience glued to your marketing message.
  • Use smoking-hot hotspots to fire up your audience within segments…
  • Interact with anyone using Multi-Functional Layers For Any Video custom timings, custom buttons, hotspots, images, static images, animations, menus, fonts, custom video controls, timeouts, and much more…

Level 3 – Professional
Go Beyond Questions With Interaction Layers
“The ONLY Video Tracking Software That Tracks Segments And Layers”.

If you’re NOT tracking individual segments and layers you’re YOU’RE NOT TRACKING! TruTrackr generates valuable data and rich analytics on all your segments, layers and campaigns.

  • Simple, easy to use advanced tracking with step-by-step tutorials.
  • Instantly see what’s working and what’s costing you money.
  • Use rich analytics to measure and improve entire video campaigns with ease.
  • Make rapid changes to enhance interaction and fine tune profits.
  • Make intelligent decisions backed by real data about the best way to scale your business.

How it Works

Will Interactr Work For Me?

Yes. Because interaction is the future of video.

So if you’re tired of feeling like you’ve been punched in the gut every time you check your drop-off stats, you owe it to yourself (and your future customers) to try out interaction in your business.

Amazon Reviews:

Showcase your best products, and let the shopper choose what’s most relevant to them. You can even let them choose related products to maximize your average cart value.

Video Sales Letters:

Add the awesome conversational power of webinar style selling to your videos without ever ‘going live’. Give your customers a unique buying experience and watch your profits soar.

Viral Campaigns:

Longer view times are proven to TRIPLE social sharing… So use interaction to create amazing, share-worthy videos that get people hyper-involved.


Reach more clients for your offline business with interactive videos that answer your client’s questions, as if you were right there in the room.

Branding Videos:

Interactr is an exceptional branding device that allows you to showcase the most important features of your company and the benefits of working with you.

Are You Ready To Give Your Audience
The Most Engaging Videos EVER?

Interactr puts the kind of video technology companies like Maybelline have been using to smash “industry averages” into smithereens… (1400% increase in conversions and prolonged video viewing of over 3 minutes)

Sure, a 1400% increase might be out of your reach, but just imagine what you could do with only a 140% hike in conversions… Quite a lot, right?

Just adding a single layer of interaction can tip the scales in your favor. No more fighting for scraps, wasting countless ad dollars for zero to no engagement.

And Today You Can Get Access To Interactr For A One-Off LIFETIME Price

Because, unlike Maybelline or Martini you’re not going to be asked for anything even close to 5k today…

And more importantly, invest during the next 7 days and you’ll pay a spectacularly low price ONCE and get full access to Interactr and the TruTrackr advanced analytics suite… for LIFE.

And that’s not all…

Try Out Interactr Today And Get These Incredible Bonuses…

Bonus #01 20 Royalty Free Music Tracks - $27.00 Value

One thing that increases conversions and user engagement with video is background music.

In this bonus you get 20 high quality royalty free background tracks that you can use in your videos, commercials, presentations and voice overs in mp3 format.

You'll Get Multiple Different Styles Including: Pop, Corporate, Ukulele, Acoustic, Hip Hop, Piano and more.

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When you join today, you're also getting lifetime membership to an exclusive Facebook mastermind community, exclusively for YOU – the users of 'interactr'.

This is an incredible opportunity to discuss video marketing, seek advice, negotiate joint ventures and help other students every day, right from the comfort of your own Facebook account.

Bonus #03 My 6-Figure Resource Rolodex - $97.00 Value

I want you to cut out all of the 'learning curves', so I'm giving you a detailed directory of literally every major tool, service, software and resource that I've used to build my business.

From auto-responders and video players to graphic designers and copywriters, it's all there for you to steal – and regularly updated too.

Don't waste time and money finding this stuff out for yourself, just use mine!

That’s a solid $321 of real world value bonuses. Carefully hand-selected to compliment everything you do with Interactr from today onwards.

The Future Is Interaction. And Right Now, If You Choose It, It’s 100% Risk Free

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Are You Prepared For The Next Level Of Video Interaction?

Interactr takes your video marketing to the highest level.

Let your customers interact with your content, and watch your views, leads and revenues grow.

Employ TruTrackr to enhance underperforming segments, and maximize high performing layers and watch your profits take off.

Try Interactr today 100% RISK FREE… for a small one-time payment the whole Interactr service becomes a vital part of your marketing arsenal for life…

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Become A Marketing Goliath Today

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This time when you say “this is going to work” it’s GOING TO WORK, because with Interactr you’re finally ahead of the curve.

Interactr will put your marketing on the very cutting edge.

I wish you massive success today.

Ryan Phillips and Chris Bell
The Interactr Team

interactr Basic Monthly
interactr monthly

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But today, now, and as of reading this, you have no excuse…

You know about the future of INTERACTION, you know about Interactr, you know about TruTrackr, and you know you can access this new technology for a drop in the ocean… for life

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